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Safety System

In order to minimize surgical side effects and complications, the STANTOP Urology Clinic clinic stands by six principles. In order to ensure patients comfort, the STANTOP Urology Clinic is making efforts to improve patients satisfaction. Six principles of the STANTOP Urology Clinic will serve as a strong support for your successful treatment.

The STANTOP UROLOGY & ANDROLOGY CLINIC that adheres to six principles for safety.

Minimize side effects

and complications of surgery and increase

patients satisfaction

  • 01. Thorough operating room sterilization system

  • 02. Thorough sterilization of surgical instruments

  • 03. Dispose of disposable surgical tools immediately

  • 04. Only handling FDA&KFDA approved materials

  • 05. Wearing surgical gown and cap before surgery

  • 06. Establishment of indoor cleaning system in connection with CESCO

No matter how secure the surgical environment is, there is always a room to stay alert.

Like to the idiom "Let's make sure the fire's completely out", we need to prepare for unexpected situations that can occur during surgery. Only then will our patients be able to trust our clinic. We will do our best to ensure safe operation so that the STANTOP can be a meaningful hospital for you.