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Enlargement of glans

What is Enlargement of glans?

Located in the very end of the penis as a unique form of fungus, it is the tissue that has a special role to make penis body to be smoothly inserted into vagina during sexual intercourse. Penis enlargement surgery can be safe only through much accumulated experience with the operation. Accumulated research capacity of the STANTOP will secure safe and trusty penis enlargement surgery.

Target people of glans enlargement surgery

Person who wants to solve the overall imbalance caused by smaller volume compared to penis body
Person who wants to stimulate the female G spot during sexual intercourse
Person who is thinking of penis complex enlargement surgery (If you enlarge just penis trunk, glans may looks smaller.)
Person who has premature ejaculation due to keen sense of the glans

Type of glans enlargement surgery

  • Autologous fat transplantation

    It is a method to gain the glans penis enlargement effect by concentrating and injecting the autologous fat. The STANTOP offers safe and highly satisfying surgical methods, such as SVF, PRP, etc. for more complete procedure.
  • Storage dermis

    The world's most active use of storage dermis for human implantation allows for safe, long-lasting glans penis enlargement. Although the amount absorbed is less than that of autologous fat transplantation, it remains longer, but the postoperative expansion effect is less than that of autologous fat transplantation. Only safe and certified storage dermis are used through joint research with the prosthetic company..
  • SST Glans penis enlargement

    In order to increase the satisfaction of customers, maximum enlargement can be done by adding large fill to insufficient areas. The newest of dermis powder large fill is a filler processed into powder form by micronization of dermis tissue.