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TOP6 Package

What is TOP6 complex augmentation surgery?

STANTOP Urology&Andrology Clinic is implementing the 'TOP6 Complex augmentation Surgery', which takes advantage of complex surgery of our customers' hidden needs. Male surgery is an operation that requires balance, harmony and naturalness. When it comes to the problem of size, it is a method to balance the size and function by controlling erectile dysfunction and premature erection. Finally, six types of TOP6 extension techniques, including 49 safety tests, are completed.

  • Penis
  • Enlargement
    of glans
  • Length Extension
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Impotence
  • 49 safety

Why STANTOP Urology Clinic for complex augmentation surgery?

It is a complex operation that takes size, function and safety into consideration.

Patient safety is managed through a six-fold infection control system.

Only FDA/KFDA-approved materials used in surgery are premium safety-proven materials.

A methodical system for consultation, surgery, and post-care will help you recover your normal sex life.