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Treat of Impotence

Depending on the severity of erectile dysfunction, surgical and non-surgical treatment options are available. If the patient is considered to be able to recover his natural erectile power without surgery, the following non-surgical impotence treatments are available depending on the patient's condition.

Kind of Impotence treatments

  • Medicine prescription

    Symptoms of erectile dysfunction may be temporary, but if it persists for more than 3 months, it can be diagnosed as erectile dysfunction that requires treatment. If the symptoms are mild, 70% of the patients are treated successfully with medication. The treatment of erectile dysfunction drugs in STANTOP Urology Clinic is conducted step by step, and it is common and effective to prescribe oral medications for the treatment of erectile dysfunction during initial symptoms. However, if the effect is insufficient or does not respond, you can proceed with other treatment options.
  • Self injection therapy

    Self injection therapy is a treatment for patients who inject themselves directly into the penis and cause erection. The erection is carried out within 5-10 minutes of the injection and is maintained for up to 2 hours. It can be used without worrying about side effects such as facial flushing, palpitation, abdominal pain compared with conventional oral therapeutic, and it is also excellent in keeping privacy in the form of a ballpoint pen. Even if the condition continues, since the erection persists during the duration of the effect, it can also be selected as a complementary treatment for patients with premature ejaculation. It is also an excellent treatment method because of its stronger effect than oral drugs. However, you must consult a medical team for the appropriate prescription dosage.
  • Extracorporeal shock wave therapy

    Erectile dysfunction treatment with external shock wave therapy device has been recognized as being effective enough to announce various research results in the world. The average erectile function of mild erectile dysfunction patients treated with external shock therapy is about twice as high. Related study was published in European Urology. It regenerates new blood vessels in the penis and induces fundamental erectile dysfunction treatment. If it is difficult or ineffective to take an erectile dysfunction treatment, an extracorporeal shock wave therapy machine will be a new alternative. The STANTOP Urology Clinic has both extracorporeal shock equipment for the ED1000 and the more recent version RENOVA . This is a method of erectile dysfunction that has less complications, side effects, pain, and less surgical burden.

Dr. Kim Do-ri,

A urologist certified by




  • Visiting STANTOP Urology Clinic by Coloplast Asia Manager

  • with professor David Ralph in the master class of men's medicine in London.

Kim Do-ri, representative of STANTOP Urology Clinic, is certified by AMS and Coloplast, one of the world's most famous manufacturers of erectile dysfunction. In addition, he attended 'Male Medical Master Class' which is a large-scale urological medicine exchange event where about 150 medical staffs gathered from 35 countries around the world on the theme of 'erectile dysfunction surgery using penile implants and male genital plastic surgery'.