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STANTOP Body shaping

STANTOP Body shaping

STANTOP body shaping effectively eliminates unnecessary fat and results in uniform reduction in the fat layer, creating a manly and natural body shape. Men should be differentiated from women's liposuction in that their muscles are more developed and their bones are different. STANTOP body shaping is precisely diagnosed, and the liposuction and sculpture which are customized considering the body shape, fat and muscle distribution of the patient can be completed quickly and easily slim and slimmer.

Target people of STANTOP Body shaping

If you have excessive fat in the abdomen compared to other areas
If your breast look like a woman due to gynecomastia
If you are not overweight but your muscles are flat
If you want to finish your body shape more quickly

Advanced equipment for body shaping


    Dissolve fat between skin and muscles using ultrasonic
    waves and inhalation
    Selectively removal of surface layer and deep fat
    Easy to absorb fat in micro areas
    Reducing the side effects such as bleeding and nerve cutting
    Less likely to cause edema, bruises and pain

  • EVA

    600 or more vibrations per minute using air pressure
    Mass amounts of fat can be inhaled quickly
    Selectively remove fat deep in skin
    Treatments with reduced vessel or nerve damage
    Minimal incision of 3 to 5mm which reduces scarring

Speciality in body shaping in the STANTOP

  • Professionalism

    Hospitals dedicated to the development of male-shaped research and development / Precise diagnosis followed by customized treatment
  • Satisfactory effect

    Completely finished body with unnecessary removal of fat / enough time with only short operation time
  • Minimize time burden

    Reduced probability of bruising after procedure / Suitable for modern men busy with fast recovery
  • Privacy guarantee

    All medical staffs are male / independent body surgery room & personal recovery room