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Now, following K-Contents, we are evolving K-Medical in Urology.

StanTop has been designated as a medical institution for foreign patients, focusing on tailored services for foreign patients, including interpretation services, post-care, prevention of medical disputes, and patient safety assurance.


Certificate from Ministry of Health and Welfare for registration as a medical institution for foreign patients.


Appointed as the Exclusive Urology Medical Tourism Cooperation Institution by Gangnam-gu Office


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Veteran Urology Specialist

We provide highly satisfactory results in male surgeries, carried out under the expertise and collaboration of a urology specialist with 20 years of experience in male surgery.


500-square-meter Facility

We continuously strive to offer top-notch medical services in our spacious and comfortable facility, equipped with various materials and amenities.


International Destination for Urology Clinic

Renowned urologists from countries such as Japan, China, Thailand, and Taiwan visit Stantop to learn from our advanced expertise in male surgery.


Maintaining a 6-Layer Safety System

We prioritize safety through our in-house clean system in collaboration with CESCO, maintaining a 6-layer safety system to prevent even the slightest possibility of inflammation or medical mishaps.


Dedicated Research Institution

To advance the treatment of prostate enlargement surgeries, we regularly host conferences with doctors and healthcare professionals from around the world.

Core Competitiveness

“Offering advanced urologic technology and exceptional medical services honed over two decades of expertise in male surgery.”

Addressing a range of men’s health concerns including benign prostate hyperplasia, male enlargement, premature ejaculation, lengthening and erectile dysfunction for patients in Korea and worldwide.

We are a leading urological clinic in Korea, dedicated to enhancing the ‘quality of life’ for men through specialized care.

  • The Leading Urology Medical Center in Seoul Specializing in Urology & Andrology
  • Our Urologists specializing in ‘men’s health’ are collaborating with specific expertise in the field.
  • In the fields of enlargement, erectile dysfunction and prostate the satisfaction with both medical treatment and surgical procedures is high, and there is extensive experience.
  • There is authority in the field of urology, and other medical staff and patients are visiting from around the world.
  • To provide the best medical services, we have been organizing and hosting international conferences since 2021 to promote development.
  • We are a urology clinic in South Korea that is contributing to improving the quality of life for men both domestically and internationally.

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In South Korea, there is a leading urology clinic known as “StanTop Urology & Andrology Clinic” that is advancing top-tier urological services to the patient.

  • 1 Speed Check Up
    We provide quick solutions for your concerns through rapid diagnosis.
  • 2 True Specialist
    Our specialized urology experts practice honest and genuine healthcare.
  • 3 Architect of Life
    We will becoming your partner to design a better life.
  • 4 Natural Effect
    We are a urology clinic committed to continuous efforts for natural results.
  • 5 Thinking Beyond
    We are a urology clinic that constantly strives for improvement, considering the next steps and addressing strengths and weaknesses.
  • 6 Outstanding
    We continuously seek differentiation strategies for better outcomes.
  • 7 Prepared Surgery
    We prioritize safety with meticulously prepared surgeries in our clinic

“Are you still just contemplating your concerns? Time won’t provide a solution. Address them directly at StanTop.”

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As a man, I have a secret I want to keep hidden…

It’s my personal complex that I don’t want to reveal, and especially to women. Understanding the feelings of patients who want to hide their secrets even more, StanTop Urology Clinic has assembled a medical staff consisting of both male doctors and nurses. We are here to provide a wide range of medical services tailored to the needs of men.

Is there a medical team that understands me?

The medical team at StanTop Urology Clinic has extensive experience and expertise in the field of men’s health. From sexual function, size, and concerns of body type, and even the psychological concerns that may arise, StanTop Urology Clinic is here to understand it all. All of our medical professionals are specialized urologists dedicated to assisting you in resolving your concerns seamlessly.

Is the surgery performed safely?

We cannot claim that any medication or surgery is 100% free from side effects. However, we promise to provide the utmost safety measures achievable through materials, equipment, environment, and safety devices, as well as our expertise, during surgery to deliver satisfying results.