Worries About Contraception? Choose StanTop for Safe and Effective Vasectomy! Vasectomy is the simplest, safest, and most reliable method of permanent contraception. It prevents sperm from leaving the body by tying the vas deferens, the passage through which sperm travel to the seminal vesicles.


Causes of the Surgery

At StanTop Urology, vasectomy is offered as a contraceptive surgery for men who no longer plan to have children. Unlike other contraceptive methods, it boasts a high success rate and is incredibly convenient as it requires no preparations during intercourse. Vasectomy is the safest and easiest contraceptive method, making it a popular choice among couples due to its simplicity, affordability, and minimal complications.

Understanding Vasectomy

What Is a No-Scalpel Vasectomy? Unlike traditional vasectomy techniques that involve a skin incision, a no-scalpel vasectomy is a procedure that blocks the vas deferens through a small 2-3 mm incision. It’s a quick surgical process, typically completed in about 10 minutes, and offers a permanent method of contraception.


Why You Need Vaseline Removal Surgery?


While condoms are common, they may reduce sexual sensation and carry a risk of tearing, potentially necessitating the use of emergency contraception.

Oral Contraceptive Pills

Women who take contraceptive pills may experience increased relationship satisfaction due to hormone regulation, but these pills can cause side effects due to hormonal changes and may require breaks from the medication.

Emergency Contraceptive Pills
(Morning-After Pill)

These pills contain significantly higher hormone levels than regular contraceptives, making them similar to emergency treatments. They have severe side effects and are not recommended for lifelong use.


Compared to these one-time contraceptive methods, vasectomy is the preferred choice for men because it has fewer side effects. It boasts a success rate of over 99% post-surgery and offers permanent contraception. Vasectomy allows couples to enjoy worry-free sexual intercourse with minimal side effect concerns.

Advantages of the Procedure

  • 2-3mm Micro-Incision: StanTop performs vasectomy with a 2-3mm micro-incision using a laser, minimizing scarring and discomfort and enabling a quicker recovery.
  • Short Procedure Time: Vasectomy is a brief surgery, typically completed in around 10 minutes, and it’s performed under local anesthesia.
  • Effective Contraception: By blocking the vas deferens and tying a knot, vasectomy achieves over 99% contraceptive effectiveness, ensuring reliable contraception.
  • Quick Return to Daily Life: Since no major incisions are made, patients can resume their daily routines immediately after surgery.

Who is suitable for having vasectomy?

  • 1 Couples Who No Longer Plan to Have Children
  • 2 Those Seeking Worry-Free Contraception While Enjoying Unrestricted Sexual Activity
  • 3 Individuals Looking for Permanent Contraception Through a Simple Procedure
Does a vasectomy lead to a reduction in sexual sensation or semen volume?
Undergoing a vasectomy does not typically impact sexual sensations. Semen composition remains unchanged, as all components except sperm are retained. Therefore, experiencing a decrease in semen volume is unlikely.
What steps should I take if I intend to have children again after a vasectomy?
Even after undergoing a vasectomy, vasectomy reversal is an option. However, the longer the time since the vasectomy, the lower the likelihood of successful pregnancy after reversal. It’s advisable to carefully consider your options from the outset.
I’m single, but I’m interested in getting a vasectomy for contraceptive purposes.
At our clinic we do not recommend vasectomy for unmarried individuals. We advise thoughtful consideration of future family planning.