Vaseline Removal

In pursuit of penis enlargement, some individuals have resorted to the injection of substances like Vaseline or paraffin into the penis using a syringe. However, this practice can lead to undesirable consequences, including inflammatory reactions and subsequent side effects such as skin necrosis, complications, and even the development of tumors. In such cases, the need for prompt removal of the foreign object becomes evident.


Why You Need Vaseline Removal Surgery?

Damage to Sexual Function

Injected Vaseline or paraffin intended for penis enlargement may impair sexual function, even if it temporarily enhances size.

Inflammatory Reaction

due to the nature of Vaseline, it can penetrate between tissues, causing inflammation and discomfort.

Skin Necrosis

if left untreated, the inflammatory reaction can progress to skin necrosis, necessitating skin removal.

Complications Such as Tumors

even if there are no apparent issues or discomfort to the naked eye, it can potentially lead to the formation of tumors
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Types of Vaseline Removal Surgery


General Removal Surgery

This approach is suitable when the condition is not severe, the injected amount is small, and the area for removal is limited. Vaseline is simply removed, and the incision is sutured. However, it is only feasible when there is ample spare skin.


Skin Grafting

In contrast to general removal surgery, skin grafting is performed when a significant amount of Vaseline needs removal, and a considerable amount of skin has been affected, necessitating skin grafting.


Augmentation After Removal

Removal of Vaseline may result in a reduction in penis size due to the affected area. In cases with minimal inflammation, this surgical method can help maintain or even increase size by inserting enlargement materials into the area previously filled with Vaseline.

Please Note the Following Precautions for Vaseline Removal Surgery

  • After the surgery, you can resume your daily life, but it is advisable to avoid strenuous physical activities.
  • Post-surgery follow-up appointments may be required to monitor your condition.
  • Approximately one month after the procedure, when the wound has completely healed, you can safely engage in sexual activities.
If there is no pain, is it necessary to remove the Vaseline?
If there are no obvious issues and no discomfort, there may not be an immediate problem. However, due to Vaseline’s tendency to penetrate into tissue crevices, it is advisable to remove it. In the mid to long term, leaving it in place can potentially lead to tumors and complications. Therefore, it is recommended to have it removed.
The purpose of injecting Vaseline is for enlargement, so if the Vaseline is removed, will it decrease in size? Is it possible to maintain enlargement simultaneously?
It depends. The decision is made after comprehensively assessing the amount injected and the condition of the genitals. If the condition is favorable, simultaneous procedures can be pursued. However, in certain cases, it may be preferable to insert the enlargement material immediately. In more severe cases, augmentation surgery is an option after Vaseline removal.