What are stem cells?

“Undifferentiated cells that differentiate into specific tissue cells when necessary.” StanTop Urology Clinic utilizes adult stem cells for treatment, which can differentiate into cells with special functions for tissues or organs, activating when necessary. These stem cells are effective in treating various adult and metabolic diseases by regenerating damaged blood vessels, facilitating metabolism, and improving blood supply.

Administering stem cells into cerebral blood vessels has emerged as a new approach to prevent dementia by activating new brain cells. It can also prevent diseases caused by viruses by regenerating immune-related tissue cells and strengthening immunity. Injecting these stem cells into veins, skin, and the scalp can slow down aging by regenerating damaged cells and promote overall health, as well as regenerate skin damaged by burns and wounds.


Stem Cell IV injection

“Stem cells keep blood vessels healthy”


Stem cells, when administered, travel through the blood vessels, circulating throughout the body. They concentrate more on areas requiring regeneration, helping create new blood vessels where blood supply is insufficient. This ensures a smooth supply of oxygen and nutrients, reduces inflammation within blood vessels, and improves blood production capacity, enhancing blood flow, heart health, lowering blood pressure, and improving immune function.


Stem cells obtained by separating and concentrating collected blood are administered through intravenous or carotid injection. These stem cells circulate throughout the body, cleaning blood vessels, regenerating damaged tissues, and facilitating metabolism, thereby enhancing overall physical strength and immunity.

StanTop Stem Cell Treatment

IV injection

Improved Blood Circulation

Stimulate and enhance blood flow throughout your body, promoting optimal circulation for improved health and vitality.

Regeneration of Damaged Tissue

Harness the power of stem cells to facilitate the regeneration and repair of damaged tissues, promoting faster healing and recovery.

Enhanced Immunity

Boost your immune system with the regenerative properties of stem cells, strengthening your body’s natural defense mechanisms against illness and disease.


Combat the effects of aging at the cellular level, rejuvenating your body from within for a more youthful and vibrant appearance

Penile injection

Capillary Blood Vessel Regeneration

Stimulate the regeneration of capillary blood vessels within the penis, promoting improved circulation and erectile function.

Enhanced Erection Power

Amplify your ability to achieve and maintain firm erections, enhancing sexual performance and satisfaction.

Corpus Cavernosum Anti-Aging

Combat the effects of aging on penile tissue, rejuvenating the corpus cavernosum for improved vitality and function.

Enhanced Penis Enlargement Effect

Experience enhanced results from penis enlargement procedures, with our stem cell therapy maximizing the efficacy and longevity of enlargement treatments.

StanTop Stem Cell Procedure


1:1 customized consultation


Prepare blood to be placed in a container dedicated to StanTop Machine


Stem cell separation and concentration collection from the collected blood


Stem cell injection