Enhance Your Sexual Sensation with Glans Enlargement!

Unlock the Secret to Targeting a Woman’s G-Spot – Glans Enlargement From the moment of penetration to thrilling G-Spot stimulation, what if you yearn for a more substantial glans size, responsible for the start and peak of arousal? Discover the subtle yet impactful transformation of “glans enlargement”!


What’s the Ideal Glans for G-Spot Stimulation?

What constitutes the perfect shape of a man’s glans capable of stimulating every nook and cranny of a woman’s intimate anatomy and exerting extra pressure on the G-Spot?

  • 1 A generously sized, robust, and non-pointed glans.
  • 2 A shape designed to effectively stimulate vaginal folds, distinct from the penile shaft.
  • 3 A shape that satisfies the previous two criteria while maintaining harmonious balance with the penis shaft.
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Ways of Glans Enlargement, Recommended by StanTop

Fat Grafting

This technique involves concentrating and injecting autologous fat. At StanTop, we enhance satisfaction with a higher engraftment rate and size expansion by combining SVF and PRP technology.

Acellular Dermal Powder Filler

Maintain a stable glans size through reserved dermal filler, known for its superior engraftment and long-lasting effectiveness compared to other graft materials.

HA filler

the most familiar filler types that uses in other department, pricewise and great effect

Glans Enlargement

Mainly performed through procedures: Autologous fat grafting / Acellular dermal powder filler / HA filler

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Glans Enlargement for those mans

If you’re a man facing the following concerns, you can find resolution through StanTop’s “Glans Enlargement for Enhanced Sexual Sensitivity”

  • Men who feel their glans is arrowhead-shaped, leading to reduced sexual stimulation during intercourse.
  • Men disappointed with sexual stimulation due to the glans thickness being similar to that of the penis.
  • Men seeking comprehensive enlargement because both the penis and glans are small.
  • Men expecting significant changes in their relationships through quick procedures and recovery.

The Unique Advantage of Glans Enlargement!

StanTop’s 3S Filler Enlargement is a procedure that caters to the most pressing patient needs.

Improve Premature Ejaculation with Glans Enlargement

Delay ejaculation and address premature ejaculation by injecting the implant into the glans’s sensitive area, where a man’s sexual sensations are concentrated!

Effective G-Spot Stimulation

Selecting the ideal material and optimizing the design to maximize size, create a glans perfectly suited for stimulating a woman’s G-Spot!

Natural Treatment Results

Our natural filler treatment takes into account penis size and shape, crafting a natural appearance just like your own!