Lengthening Surgery

Extend Your Penis Length by Up to 6cm The perception of a man’s penis as being short often stems from a combination of issues, including ligament problems and excess fat. By addressing the issue of an excessively retracted penis, it’s possible to achieve an extension of up to 6cm in length.


Did you loss of your confidence due to short penile?

Typically, if a man’s penis measures less than 4cm in length, it is categorized as ‘penile dwarfism.’ However, from a male perspective, penile dwarfism isn’t solely about numerical length; many men feel they have ‘penis dwarfism’ even when their size falls within the normal range.


CAUSE 01 Development of Ligaments

Overdeveloped ligaments that support the penis can pull it inward.

SOLUTION 01 Minimally Invasive Triangular Fixation

The conventional method of ligament removal carries the risk of side effects like a lowered angle during erection. Instead, we address the excessively retracted penis by partially cutting and securing the deltoid ligament.

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CAUSE 02 Excessive Fat

Excessive fat can bury the penis, making it appear smaller.

SOLUTION 02 Pubis Liposuction

To reveal the buried penis due to excess fat, we perform liposuction to remove ample fat from areas surrounding the penis, such as the abdomen and pubic bone.

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CAUSE 03 Excessive Skin

Excessive skin may effecting the length of the penis.

SOLUTION 03 Scrotal Webbing Surgery

Scrotal Webbing surgery involves the removal of excess, sagging skin at the junction between the penis and scrotum. This straightforward yet highly effective surgical procedure aims to enhance both the visual appearance and functionality.

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CAUSE 04 VY skin incision

If the penis itself is excessively small.

SOLUTION 04 VY – Incision

For cases where the penis itself has been buried, we offer a solution that can give you huge changes in length by VY- Incision. The extension procedure involves making a V-shaped incision in the skin around the pubic area and suturing it in a Y-shape.

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Depending on the cause of a patient’s penile shortening, individualized surgical techniques may prove effective. However, for men seeking comprehensive solutions to complex issues, lengthening effects of up to 6cm or more can be anticipated.
With the length extension procedure, it can be go with enlargement, premature ejaculation surgeries in one treatment. Bringing back your own length with enhancement and breaking all of your concerns. Finding the length and filling the void, enhancing your life. From consultation to completion, we’re dedicated to filling your needs with excellence.


StanTop has provided various type of dermis, is particularly beneficial for men who experience the following concerns

  • Men whose confidence wanes in public due to a perceived small pre-erect size.
  • Men desiring a more pronounced lengthening effect than what existing methods offer.
  • Men with an average-sized penis who are dissatisfied with their current size.
  • Men who have long grappled with size issues, resulting in diminished confidence.
What kind of materials are sued for Penis enlargement or Glans enlargement?
Surgical materials can be carefully selected following a thorough consultation, aiming to achieve the best results for the patient. Opting for either ADM dermis or Filler can maximize the effectiveness of the procedure.
Does all treatments done at once?
Yes, if surgical treatment is necessary, the entire procedure will be performed under one anesthesia. However, if non-surgical treatments, such as strengthening erectile function, are required, the schedule can be adjusted according to the patient’s convenience.
Would it be strenuous on the body to undergo multiple treatments
Instead of undergoing repeated cycles of anesthesia, surgery, and recovery, opting for a single surgery can help minimize the need for multiple rounds of anesthesia, surgery, and recovery, thereby reducing the physical strain on the body. Additionally, this approach offers the added benefits of cutting down on both the cost and time burdens for patients.