TOP6 – Complex Packaged Surgeries

Addressing Multiple Men’s Concerns Simultaneously
When assessing the concerns of men visiting our urology clinic, we often find that they present with one or more issues. The “Top6” was specifically crafted for men seeking solutions to various problems while considering the factors of cost, time, and physical burden.


What is Included in the TOP6 Complex Package?

StanTop offers a premium men’s complex package that prioritizes aspects such as size, function, and safety. “A man who is potent at night is equally potent during the day, choose TOP6 if you desire strength!”

Penile Enlargement
Glans Enlargement
Length Extension
Premature Ejaculation Surgery
Erection Strengthening
49 Types of Male Checkup

Key Benefits of TOP6 Complex Package:

The TOP6 package is designed to address complex issues while considering men’s sexual balance. It represents Stantop’s premium offering, delivering satisfactory size, rigidity, and duration that can effectively stimulate women’s erogenous zones.

Package 01 Penis Enlargement We select the most appropriate materials for each patient to maximize the enlargement effect, resulting in highly satisfactory penile enlargement outcomes.

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Package 02 Glans Enlargement While enlarging the penis, we ensure the glans is proportionally enlarged to effectively target the G-spot.

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Package 03 Length Extension We increase the hidden length of the penis without the need for a direct incision, enhancing the effects of penile enlargement.

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Package 04 Premature Ejaculation & Erectile Dysfunction We address premature ejaculation through methods like dorsal nerve block and frenulum block, and we improve erectile function through medication, and extracorporeal shock wave treatment.

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Package 05 Erection Strengthening Treatment like stem cell injection and extracorporeal shock waves therapy can enhance erectile function.

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Package 06 Preoperative Check up Preoperative check up enable us to anticipate the patient’s condition and the likelihood of postoperative inflammation. We ensure safe surgery for all patients.


Who Can Benefit from TOP6?

  • Those dissatisfied with their size and facing challenges in controlling ejaculation time.
  • Individuals with size-related concerns along with erection and maintenance issues.
  • Those grappling with complex difficulties involving size, ejaculation time, erection power, and maintenance.
  • Individuals recognizing the need for improvement but feeling the burden of individualized treatment costs.
What kind of materials are sued for Penis enlargement or Glans enlargement?
Surgical materials can be carefully selected following a thorough consultation, aiming to achieve the best results for the patient. Opting for either ADM dermis or Filler can maximize the effectiveness of the procedure.
Does all treatments done at once?
Yes, if surgical treatment is necessary, the entire procedure will be performed under one anesthesia. However, if non-surgical treatments, such as strengthening erectile function, are required, the schedule can be adjusted according to the patient’s convenience.
Would it be strenuous on the body to undergo multiple treatments
Instead of undergoing repeated cycles of anesthesia, surgery, and recovery, opting for a single surgery can help minimize the need for multiple rounds of anesthesia, surgery, and recovery, thereby reducing the physical strain on the body. Additionally, this approach offers the added benefits of cutting down on both the cost and time burdens for patients.