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Urologists STANTOP Urology Clinic have excellent experience and know-how in the field of men's medicine. These medical staffs directly provide all treatments for male functions. Men's sexual problems and body shape distress can be a big problem in their relationship with their partner, not to mention the man’s involvement. It is the function of men that affects daily problems such as conflict with spouse and personal activity leading to loss of self-confidence. There is no reason to be reluctant to consult a urologist because you are ashamed or you lost your confidence. Based on our global experience, we will provide better counseling and treatment services to ensure satisfactory results.

The evaluation and designation of facilitator for international patients attracting foreign patients has been enacted since 2017 so that foreign patients can receive higher quality services. Evaluation for registration is centered on customized services for foreign patients such as interpreter services, follow-up care, medical dispute prevention, patient safety and patient safety systems. As of March 19, 2018, the STANTOP Urology Clinic was registered as a facilitator for international patients in accordance with Paragraph 3 of Article 6 and Clause 2, Paragraph 3 of Article 5 of the Act on Medical Foreign Overseas Expansion and Assistance. Please take reliable men's health services from the STANTOP Urology Clinic which can be found and trusted by the world.