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Prostatic disease

What is a prostate disease?

Sitting habits, excessive stress, and irregular eating habits threaten the prostate for men. Prostate inflammation and prostatic hypertrophy are the most common diseases in the prostate. Both diseases are known to cause urinary disorders and pain, and significantly reduce the quality of life for men.

  • Prostatitis

    Prostatitis is a symptom caused by inflammation of the tissue around the prostate. Prostatitis is the most common symptom that causes urination problems and perineal region, testis and back pain. These prostatitis are often left untreated because they are not painful at first, but they can lead to severe pain, ejaculatory impotence, erectile dysfunction and sexual dysfunction if they do not actively cope at the beginning.
  • Prostatic hypertrophy

    A particularly common prostate condition in men over the age of 50 is Prostate hypertrophy. Prostate hypertrophy, causes bladder dysfunction, which can cause the prostate to become enlarged, blocking urinary passages in the lower part of the bladder, causing urethremphraxis. If you miss the timing of treatment for Prostate hypertrophy, bladder function, as well as the treatment effect may be lowered, and in severe cases, it may adversely affect the kidney function.

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  • Basic tests for inflammatory cells in the prostate fluid, urinalysis, and bacterial culture are conducted. In addition, various ultrasound tests can be used to identify bacterial or non-septic. Urinalysis can detect hematuria, urinary tract infections, urinary flow and residual volume. Prostate test is done through a microscope from urine and prostate fluid, and it is important to check the presence of white blood cells. PCR testing is a gene amplification test that plays an important role in distinguishing between bacterial and non-bacterial prostatitis. Prostate-specific antigen test PSA allows the differential diagnosis of prostate cancer.

STANTOP Urology Clinic's Prostatitis Treatment Program

  • Medicine treatment

    A variety of tests such as partial urine collection, urine culture, antibiotic susceptibility test, and gene amplification test are used to accurately determine the type of prostatitis and antimicrobial resistance.


    Ultrasonic prostate hyperthermia therapy is a simple procedure that does not require a urethral endoscope or tissue resection device. The catheter, which is delivered by a high frequency generator, is treated by placing a catheter in the urethra, which allows the temperature between 50 and 60 degrees to the heart tissue of the prostate. This can effectively destroy the abnormal tissue caused by prostatitis and enlarged prostate.


    ESWP treatment is a treatment to apply an electric shock wave between the perineum and the anus. It helps reduce prostate pain and relieves inflammation. This is because the external shock wave stimulates the prostate, reducing the sensitivity of free end cells, inducing angioplasty and increasing blood flow to activate the cells.

    Cocktail therapy

    Multi-cocktail injection maximizes prostate treatment by considering the range of action.

    Life therapy

    Prostate massage, hot bathing, exercise, diet, lifestyle, etc. will be coached by the medical staffs in details.

Minimally invasive prostate hypertrophy treatment ‘Urolift'

A treatment that has been narrowed to a lift technique, Urolift is a method that has no side effects such as sexual dysfunction or erectile dysfunction, which is different from surgery that burns or cuts off existing prostate lines.

The prostate gland can be cured with permanent prostatic hypertrophy by approaching the Urolift in the prostate and then implanting a ligature to the prostate side.Endoscopic euro lifts do not require hospitalization and even after surgery your daily routine is not affected. You can see the treatment’s effectiveness immediately on the same day.

Urolift to reduce side effect concerns

Safe prostate gland surgery approved by FDA

List of new medical technology of Ministry of Health and Welfare

European Urological Society (EAU) highest grade _ LEVEL 1A

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