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Penis enlargement

What is Penis enlargement surgery?

Tiny penis is the major cause of lowering the confidence of men. As a result, it could cause shrinkage in interpersonal or marital relationships. STANTOP urology&andrology clinic could improve the confidence through penis enlargement surgery. Now visit STANTOP urology&andrology and have the penis enlargement surgery, which is safe and suitable to characteristics of your penis.

Target people of penis enlargement surgery

Person who has dwarf penis complex
Person who suffers from psychological shrinkage
Person who feels discomfort during sexual intercourse due to tiny penis

Kind of penis enlargement surgery

  • Graft of dermis substitute

    The operation of processing / transplant products that can replace the dermal, which is the fibrous connective organization, located under the skin of vertebrates. In Large there are two types of graft, First one is homogeneous dermis graft which uses dermis tissue extracted directly from human body and the other is heterogeneous dermis graft which utilizes and processes collagen tissue of animal. They are surgical approaches which have good fusion with biological tissue and low adverse reaction and high demand recently. We use the materials which was approved and authorized by US FDA and KFDA and has Excellent natural expansion / lasting effects. Those who want to enlarge penis or circumcise and enlarge penis depending on situation or don’t have fat enough for ftransplantationat.
  • Pure Fat Injection

    It is the operation which expands the body of the penis by transplanting autologous fat to glans/ phallus. Being not foreign body but autologous fat transplantation, there is no adverse reaction and cost is relatively low because of no expensive transplantation cost. So natural, semi-permanent enlargement is possible and no scar remains and recovery is fat because we use special needle without cut. In addition, you can obtain two effects of glans enlargement and improvement in premature ejaculation simultaeneously and so can give your partner more satistaction.
  • Enlargement of penis by implants

    It is the operation to transplant prosthesis manufactured in medical silicone, which KFDA approved safety. Operation time is realatively short and silicone transplant surgery suitable to transplant surgery is available. As its type, there are single-ring, Double-ring and T-shape ring. T-shape ring is the transplantation which is not simple ring operaion but considers the body of penis. It is suitable to the person who wants to create points and also enlarges the existing penis with ring more.