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Therapy for premature ejaculation

Treatment for premature ejaculation

  • Drug treatment

    Significant number of premature ejaculation is caused by problems in ejaculationnucleus. Serotonin which is important nerve transmission material important to feel excitement, emotion, sleep, appetite exist in ejaculation ejaculationnucleus. Male with premature ejaculation can’t control ejaculation since serotonin exhaustion rate is a bit fast. Oral medication to treat premature ejaculation uses the principle that ejaculation is delayed by control of serotonin hormone. Generally effective time of it is about 7 hours after dosing it prior to sex.
  • Substitute dermis transplantation

    The original purpose of substitute dermis is enlargement of penis. However ejaculation delay could be found in 30% of patients group who took substitute dermis transplantation to enlarge glans. Usually it proceeds together With dorsal nerve blocking therapy and so you can expect increase of confidence in addition to solution to premature ejaculation.
  • Penis dorsal nerve blocking therapy

    Most of premature ejaculation patients have so sensitive glans. It is the surgery that makes the sensitive penis blunt by butting nerve of glans related directly to sensitivity of penis. Penis dorsal nerve transfers sense near glans and urethra to brain. This nerve is distributed evenly around glans and so you can get the effect of Ejaculation delay after the partial cutting is done.
  • Trimix

    Many people know that Trimix is just medicine for impotence. However since this self injection therapy has the characteristics that it not only causes erection but also maintains erection after ejaculation, you can have enough time for your partner to be satisfied and so it is one of the so high level of satisfaction. Middle aged patients who have low level of erection can obtain the effect that kills two birds with one stone.
  • Behavior therapy

    Behavior therapy is the method which is disappearing slowly because it is the therapy focused on psychological cure but it has high relapse rate and low effect. The most famous one is STOP and START method in which when feeling of ejaculation approaches, you restart after stopping piston movement for a while. Another one is called glans pressing method but it requires investment of long time and its procedure is inconvenient. So the both methods are the self-treatment which are not preferred.